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Yugo: the non-game is a virtual space where you can drive a car, listen to the radio, and invite people to talk and share the experience with. 

It's a space that allows long conversations and hangouts that are often harder to come by when communicating digitally. 

It's a non-gamification of common voice chat sessions between people playing a game. It is a game for non-gamers.


When a player starts a session, they are the car driver, and each person that joins is seated in one of the other three passenger seats.

Players are automatically connected via voice chat.

The radios stations are real-life internet radio streams and several of them are available in the game world.


The environment, while it is abstracted and contextless, still contains elements of a certain time and region. The serpentine roads in the game are inspired by the mountainous roads going from Kosovo to Montenegro. The car is modeled after Yugo, an iconic car produced in Yugoslavia in the 1980s’. The time of the day is reminiscent of dusks in Kosovo, mostly because of the omnipresence of crows and the sounds they make at evening flying back to their nests for the night. Similarly reminiscent of that region are also the monolithic-like objects on top of hills, inspired by Socialist-era Yugoslavian monuments in Kosovo and the rest ex-Yugoslavia. Aside from the significance they have for the area and people there, they have a striking visual appearance that blur the time and place perceptions.


Trailer music by das bisschen Totschlag.


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Yugo - the non-game - Windows 1.02.zip 81 MB
Yugo - the non-game - Mac 1.02.zip 102 MB
Yugo - the non-game Linux 1.02 (not tested).zip 88 MB

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The driving is very rough, but man the atmosphere of this non-game is so lovely. It feels real and dreamlike at the same time. A beautiful backdrop for weird conversations.


Thank you for your comment! I realize the driving is rough but I will hopefully spend some time on it soon!


I am sorry but I made an account on itch.io only to say that this game's driving sucks I want to go left or right the car starts jiggling ... I like the idea of the game do but please fix the driving

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Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it that you took the time. Yea I realize it can be rough now -- I think I got used to it while developing and driving there constantly. I plan to tweak it soon though, or make it from scratch.

i have a problem with just watching long videos, 
so i have to do other things while i watch, 
i would like 2 things, one of them is a button to hide the hud, 
and secondly a kind of camera on the front of the car

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cool idea... i think a web/html5 version would catch on real good lol... like omegle or something lol

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The game instantly quits on Mac. I tried removing it from the app quarantine but that didn't fix it. if you give me an email I can send you the info macOS collected on the crash maybe that can help you out. the error code it gave me was: 


Hi! thanks for letting me know! It's strange that it happens :(
It would be so nice if you can send me the crash report at petrithxha@gmail.com
or you can reach out to me on discord: petrithxha#1223

Any chase to compile for linux?

Yes, I will add it -- later today I hope. I have no way of testing it now though


This is really nice! Its very relaxing (if you keep an eye on the road when driving yourself heh) Good job! Do you ever plan to make a version where you can chat with random people and join their session? Like represented as a hitchhiker or something?

Thank you!! I haven't decided yet if I want to have that option, and it makes sense when there is a player base so I am postponing that decision. Now I'm setting up a (late) discord server so will add a channel just for that. But I like the idea of representing them as hitchhikers though, I will at least name the channel that for now : )