New update + a Mac build


This is a new version (1.02) with a few changes and additions:

+ Added a new "switch driver" feature so people can change who's driving the car

+ Reworked the outside cameras to make for an easier driving

+ Added a working Mac build

+ and some minor changes on the main menu UI

The changes make it impossible to connect with people running the old versions, so if you want to play with someone, please make sure everyone has the same version :)


Yugo - the non-game - Windows 81 MB
Apr 07, 2022
Yugo - the non-game - Mac 102 MB
Apr 07, 2022

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I really wanted to try the game but every time I start the game it instantly crashes. Im on Mac btw.

Hi there, I just downloaded Yugo and I find the idea very unique and cool. I have 2 questions: the game works but on my laptop (which is win7 driven) it gets really slow, and I was wondering on how to change video settings (such as OpenGl or others) because I don't have a dedicated video card. Any suggestion?
The second question is, is there a way to put your own music or your own playlist in the radio?
Thanks a lot in advance

Hi! Thanks for the comment! 

I am working to optimize the game overall, so it runs better or any machine, and I will try to have different quality settings as well. That might solve it soon, but unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to change the settings on the current build. 

And for the 2nd question, right now it's not possible. It's something other people also suggested I include, so I will definitely try to get it to work and might add it with a later update, together with more radio stations.

Are you on discord?

I'm setting up a server for Yugo right now, but you can also message me directly at petrithxha#1223