Linux build and discord server


Just a small update after a long necessary break.

+ I added a Linux build but had no way of testing it. If someone plays it, I'd be very happy to know if it all works.

+ I also set up a discord server where you'd be able to find other players to join conversations:

(the link apparently only works when you copy + paste it on the address bar, not when you directly click on it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

+ I'm now in the process of setting up a steam page, and getting ready for a full release both there and here on itch. I'm trying to collect the players' feedback so far on what changes and additions to make on the release version, and will continue posting on discord and here about it.

Thank you!



Yugo - the non-game Linux 1.02 (not tested).zip 88 MB
Jun 08, 2022

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discord invite invalid ):
also this game is fucking terrifying, pardon my french, is this gonna do a doki-doki literature club on me?

Cool! So linux! Well i am not a fan of linux, but this is a new version, new built. So, you make a step next with your project!