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i have a problem on my main pc, where it starts to spring the steering a stops being responsive after i start to drive, idk why


Cool concept! Just verified it runs on Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS, but haven't tested the voice chat.

Also, it worked with a bluetooth-connected PS4 gamepad! Only used one stick for throttle and steering, but that's good enough.

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can you make a option to just randomly join a server without a password, like people put the sessions they make as public or privet, and if they choose public that allows people random to join? also what language is this made in?


Yes please do this

Could be a cool way of meeting interesting new people... Good idea!

I agree

Im trying to open the game and it keeps showing a error im not sure if its a problem with Mac but its happend with another game before can someone please tell me how to fix this I tried restarting the computer that didnt work and I triend reinstalling and that didnt work.


is really fantastic, i would like that the radio connect to spotify or something, but in general is really cool. i will play this with my friend on my free time

can you connect the radio to real radio stations?

This is great. Now Im gonna drive this little car for 3 hours. 10/10 I will make my friends download this.


Its a awesome idea should pe possible to random let passengers join from aroun the world! cause im driving a yugo IT LEAKS JUGOSLAVIA MUSIC.

I always wanted to drive, now I can


[I love this game so much, the choices of soundtracks that it has is so priceless]

I was driving at full speed, not even bumping into the sides, not even losing control, it felt relaxing to drive. Better yet, the player camera seems to be moving in a sort of way. That just gives more comfort to the driving.

I did experience some lag, but during the recording I was doing (Which I published to youtube). The lag just magically stopped.

I have not tested the multiplayer feature just yet since im a introvert, but I still really love the main focus of the game. Which was listening to some well picked radio music while driving, there were no npc vehicles, there were no obstacles, no drama, its just you, the car, and the road, and your radio.

I rate this game the maximum amount of stars that supports, just because why not :3

If you would love to see a short clip of me driving while listening to "Rest of my life", then you can feel free to watch my video of me doing so 

(Do not worry about copyright, I have already dealt with it)

You need to add graphics settings because it's running on 10 fps but i enjoy playing it

I am still waiting for the update, will it be?

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A unique departure from the typical chat experiences one can have online these days. It really encourages the mind (and conversation) to wander into creative, nostalgic and rambling directions like a real road trip often does. Some real-time sunrise/sunset implementation would add a sense of "progress", in a way. The radio station transmission bubbles add a kind of texture to the view, but I would enjoy those borders being invisible and even more gradual. Similar to how radio stations can unexpectedly fade in, fade out and even overlap IRL. Looking forward to more drives. thank you!


Amazing game will play again to unwind some more. It took a minute to connect to the servers to play, will there be an update with an offline option?


what game engine u used brother??



the discord link was expired :(

btw, the game works perfectly on win 11

Thank you for letting me know

I't won't load.


this is such a nice game to unwind with. I was just mindlessly driving alone for a good 20 minutes with the move track radio. Highly recommend!


i need friends who'd play this with me but this game is great 


I love this so much. First time commenting on a Itch io project and I've played a lot, but this one I really want to see how it turns out and just want to suggest random ideas like said before in the comments, maybe being able to run into different people on the road that you can talk to. Being able to implement your own music. One request is I love certain zones if by chance might be able to have a setting to make the entire drive with a certain radio station. Maybe different environment modes that you can unlock by just playing the "non game" game. And idk how this one would exactly work but a possible procedurally generated road would be the cherry on top, but I know any of these will take time and money to implement, but I really love this game and just wanted to give my two cents! Keep up the hard work!  

Thank you so much for the comment! Appreciate it : )

Yes, those are the more often requested features so now I'm trying to implement solutions for each.


I really did enjoy the game. It would be cool like if you can add more function to the driving wheel and such, and also getting in car with random player and encountering other players in car. Maybe 2 cars will stop and start talking to each other and new friendship are created. I guess what I said above was already said in the comments. One more thing, it will be cool if you can play songs from your pc or your friend pc while you guys driving and another mode should be created where you can really crash your car. THANK YOU FOR THE HARD WORK AND THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME, can't wait for more updates.

Thanks so much for the comment! Those are the most often requested features and hopefully can make an update with something along those lines very soon!


this game should be a goty , he's just a little bit buggy ( car in the ground ect ... ) and i think it's would be great if we can use a steering wheel ( don't know if it's the exact term i just use google translate )

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will definitely try to implement the steering wheel as well : )


I love the game, but it will be cool if you can encounter other drivers or play with random people in the same car


this is so beautiful, thank you i love it


im from slovenia, and i’ve been trying to reconnect with my homecountry and it’s pan-slavic past over the past few months, so finding something like this is very pretty. i moved back to slovenia a little bit ago now after finishing my studies and found myself in a place where most of my friends are studying abroad, or living abroad, yet with some desire to try the best out of this and to appreciate this land.

i can not wait to sit down with some friends in this yugo and chat with them

i played it for a good while more again now and its really so so great. i like the driving (i saw some comments that they dont). i really wish i could tune into some yugo new wave music on the radio, or some folk things

its great regardless (and is a great choice)

i just noticed that you have an albanian name, totally understand if you dont wanna throw yu-music on the radio!

I searched a lot for an 80s yu new wave free radio but had no success. That is definitely the most fitting music to it. But will keep searching and appreciate any suggestions : )

thanks so much for the comment! appreciate it

De nada :D


El mejor juego que he jugado en mi vida! lo más importante es que es hyper relajante 

Muchas gracias por el comentario :)


80s UK synth pop songs are really good...can i have the titles? I listened to one that I really like.

Hi, glad to hear that :) Unfortunately I don't have a track list but you might be able to find it here:

thank you so much


imo the driving is perfect, i love it. thank you

thanks for the comment :)


My personal opinion on how to improve this game(new feature suggestion)

  1. Let the users play their own music. Maybe they can upload their own music files on the game. Or there may even be an embedded Youtube viewer, so every rider can share the video and music.
  2. Procedurally generated world.
  3. Freely floating cursor.
  4. An open server where users can randomly encounter each other. But I think that the encounters shouldn't be too frequent, to keep each encounters precious and meaningful.  + Hitchhiking, transferring to another user's car like a taxi or a bus.
  5. Allowing user mods that can
    1. add new randomly appearing architectures.
    2. change the "skin" of the world in general.
    3. add decoration items for the interior and exterior of cars
  6. Money system. Users can earn money merely by driving, so they can purchase new pre-made cars or mod cars.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. Great suggestions! I'm looking in to them, definitely prioritising some form of open servers, different sources of music and a larger/generated world, since those are most commonly asked for.


    Bro, I really love this goddamn game's concept. I'd love to chat with my friends in this virtual space. Please keep updating and adding features, I'm looking forward.

    Any chance you can let us change the hue of the background for ex. making it blue or orange to represent different times of day

    i need a .deb file not a .zip file


    Hi, do you need this for the linux build?

    Yes. I need a .deb package

    does the game has compatibility with steering wheel?i have one that i want to use but i cant find games to play with

    Unfortunately not for now :/ But I'll keep that in mind

    is there now?

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    I really love it to play, is possible to have source code? I wish add more veichles. Good work anyway!!


    haha buraz bas skidan izgleda top


    i think this game would even be better if you can set your server or your session in public where random people can join you just in case you dont have a friend to play this with..


    I really liked how this game made me feel. I covered it in a podcast about small games if you're interested

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    Oh man, that was a really good analysis. I greatly appreciate the coverage and I'm so glad you had that experience with the game.


    really nice idea, one thing i would change it that maybe the radio could have a slider like the real ones with some minor interference just to add to the vibe. and maybe Manual driving also for added experience. Fantastic "game" if i can even call it that.


    The driving is very rough, but man the atmosphere of this non-game is so lovely. It feels real and dreamlike at the same time. A beautiful backdrop for weird conversations.


    Thank you for your comment! I realize the driving is rough but I will hopefully spend some time on it soon!

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