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Shows this on my mac when I try to open. Help, please, really want to try this game.


everyone on the comments, use 0, password, or 123 from now on so that anyone can join you randomly. we gotta do it like that until they add a random room feature

I got a server passoword is 0


Why isnt there a random room feature?

why is the 'BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame' is doing in the 1.03

ahh thanks for pointing it out! I did not notice it got generated. I believe it's used for debugging therefore not necessary for players -- now I removed it : )


That means I have a collector build :D


can someone join me please? password: anre1


Amazing non-game! I am already having epic conversations while driving a Yugo.

As a non-gamer, non-car-lover, I really love this!

really sick game. time to make golf the non game or zastava the non game

fishing the non game


To everyone seeing this , id like to make a server revolving around this game , and to really make it something memorable and really get to know some new people. So to do so , please do reply to this with your discord usertag so that we make a little project and give some light for this game.
Much love , Snow <3.

My usser: Nuggyets

mine is: xanoxakion

Discord user: Kraloth

discord: spoonlesss

my user: mvdjenkins

Join Me PLS: 123123123

anyone on?

my code is joe pls join

hey im still active too. My password will always be x join whenever maybe lol. can't promise i'll be on

Anyone wanna join me? If so The password is Slez

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Troppe cose da migliorare, l'interfaccia che serve a muovere la visuale non è ottimale e la freccetta del mouse rimane in sovraimpressione. Inoltre spesso la macchina cambia direzione a suo piacimento facendo sbandare il giocatore. Non consigliato fino al prossimo aggiornamento.

Just finished installing. Cant wait to play!


anyone can join me. code "hello123" :D

Love this game! It's so cute and relaxing; I can just zone out whilst listening to the music. 

hi anyone wanna hang?

Deleted 102 days ago

why is this fun with the boys


I love this, just really wish there was some sort of matchmaking rather than just password so that you could play with others if you dont have friends. 

nice game. respect for car choice lol. I would like if you could add a camera lock button, or atleast a sensitivity slider. 


Anyone here and feel like playing? I'm pretty sure I'm on windows. My password is pretty much always Hello. Try it whenever. I can't promise a good convo though.

ohhhh when are u going to play again? :D


I usually play after 8pm. I'm going to play now

its already 3am here in my country so i'll pass for now pal, have fun driving! its nice to know people are active here in the comment section ^-^

can i play this with a steering wheel?

requirements? i have a laptop .

Works fine for me on my laptop. It's a low poly game on Unity, so it should run on a lot of PC's.

I ran it on Linux, Ubuntu Studio 22.04.2 LTS. Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU/Intel i7-8750H CPU/32 GB DDR4 RAM. m.2 SSD. Latest Nvidia 535 drivers. If the 'untested' version works for me, and you have similar or better specs, you should be OK. If your PC is spec'd slightly below what I use, like a 900 series Nvidia GPU, it should run well enough.

Try it. If you're a bit tired, let the PC do the driving. :) 


horror game

online-- password 888 if anyone wants to join


Add chatbox text please!!

Hey, if anyone is up for it I'm online password is 123


Anyone playing this game?

join 123 if looking for someone.:) ill be one for a bit

Online right now 123

Is there anyone online rn that would want to play with me?

Hey I've been online a few times 123 is always my password

okay give me a sec 

what game version?

mine is now 1234 if you wanna join

The version I have is 1.02 Windows



i can olny join a server with a code, thats a bit strange, bc i want to play with others, but idk how to join them without the code

this is a beatiful game its empty but the vibe and the ambiance is perfect thanks for making this game dude 

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Interesting idea for a truly relaxing experience. Sometimes, after a long day of work, all I want is a `calm` game like ATS/ETS to chill and listen to podcasts or music. You should expand your idea by adding more landscapes and sightseeing, that would truly make the game shine...


This game is truly awesome. Me and my friend spend hours just driving around and listening to music. this game is great and relaxing. I hope that in future updates there will be thing like different biomes or you could drive through cities or towns over time. But still, this game is relaxing and really fun.


Is there anyway I could add my own songs or add my own radio station to this game so I could listen to my own music?


can you please add text chat? thanks.


woah, i love this


Had a great time getting lost in the ambience. 

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